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CRI Pump Manufactures

A multi-winged organization that produces different varieties of pumps and motors that are engineered to be perfection. The name C.R.I. itself encapsulates the company ethos : ” Commitment, Reliability, Innovation ” and it has now become a household name associated with pumping solutions.

The pumping of water is a basic and practical technique, far more practical than scooping. The coil pump, as many low lift pumps, is commonly used for irrigation purposes and for drainage of lands. The outlet pipe is fixed to a water wheel, engine or animal which is capable of rotating the pump quickly.

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Bare Shaft Pumps

Bare shaft pump suitable for durable use and variable flows in a water distribution for Domestic and Industrial purposes

Borewell Pumps

Submersible borewell pumps are commonly used in borewells for carrying out water for irrigation of farms and home garden.

Water Pump and Motor

Lubi provide high quality, reliable and cost effective ground water pumping system for your housed, industry and farm.

Electric Motors

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors

Fire Pumps

Lubi offers LHCD series state-of-the-art fire pumpset with diesel engine driven, horizontal split case pump and more then.

Jet Pumps

The jet pump, either shallow or deep well, is used above ground. It uses an impeller and diffuser to vacuum out water into a pipe.

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