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NMK Traders is a very straight forwarded, dedicated and dynamic office who constantly focuses on developing his trading network with good service to his customers.

Dealers in Luminas Industrial Batteries, Automotive & Tubular lead acid batteries and Dealing Battery scraps.

Authorised Distributors of RO Livepure Batteries and Authorised Distributors of Solar Panel and Solar Batteries.

Battery Work

Get The Battery That Fits Your Needs


Inverter Batteries For Every Purpose

Ro Water

Ro Water Purifier For Every Purpose


luminous batteries

Luminous, the market leader in Inverter batteries serving more than 11 million families.

Ro System

RO is a water purification technology that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions.

Solar System

The satellites of the planets numerous comets, asteroids, and meteoroids and the interplanetary.

Inverters & UPS

At the same time the AC is also converted to DC and this DC is constantly charging the battery.

Microtek Abm

The overall objective of ABM is to improve efficiencies and organization in secured.

CCTV camera

Project SCRAM is a policing effort by the Halton Regional Service to register and help.

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