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Welcome to RBR Music

The True School of Music beats at the very heart of Erode thriving entertainment business. Its aim is to train the next generation of musicians, artistes, producers, sound engineers, composers and DJ's to feed the increasing demand for music.

RBR Music

RBR Music is a professionally managed global organization dedicated to the promotion and development of performing arts - music and Teaching. The education division at RBR music offers the regular and education and training of vocal and instrumental music, music and other performing arts. RBR Music is being headed and managed by a group of highly experienced and talented senior music / music teacher well known artists - music and Sort flim performers and the education management professionals. The short term certificate level courses, the regular term courses and the extended term courses in music and dance are offered by Divya Music.


A bass sound or instrument is the deepest. The word bass has two main meanings with separate pronunciations — bass with a high vowel sound (like base) ironically refers to very low sounds — bass instruments and singers are in the lowest part of the musical range, like the low rumble of a bass guitar.


In popular music and jazz, "drums" usually refers to a drum kit or a set of drums (with some cymbals, or in the case of harder rock music genres, many cymbals), and "drummer" to the person who plays them. The drum is a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. In the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system, it is a membranophone.


The Casio keyboard unfortunately features only a single headphone jack, which is good for listening to yourself play – but in comparison to Yamaha's two jacks, it's only half as good. In the great bout of Casio Digital Pianos Vs Yamaha Digital Pianos: Casio offer a 1 year parts and labour warranty


The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that usually has six strings. It is typically played with both hands by strumming or plucking the strings with either a guitar pick or the finger/fingernails of one hand, while simultaneously fretting with the fingers of the other hand.

Indian Vocals

Vocal music in India is a way to express deep devotion to God. It is manifested through the art of vocalization which becomes more then just a vocal warm up but an act of worship. 5. Most of the Indian classical songs of Northern India are devotional but few are religiously oriented.

Western Vocals

Western vocal music might be monophonic, meaning all voices sing a single melody, or it might be polyphonic in which several melodies are sung at the same time. Some vocal music is done a cappella without instrumental accompaniment of any kind.


A disc jockey, often abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience. Most common types of DJs include radio DJ, club DJ who performs at a nightclub or music festival and turntablist who uses record players, usually turntables, to manipulate sounds on phonograph records.


282, 1st floor,
Venkatachalapathi Complex,
Sathy Rd, kavindapadi,
Erode - 638455

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