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I am blessed by the almighty to be an intermediary person in the prayers of about 45 wugles to get their babies with joyful tears from our clinic by the safe hands of homoeopathy. No hormonal therapy, no pain, no laparoscopy, no IUI / IVF /IGSI. All natural conceptions with the help of safe homoeopathic remedies.

I would like to extend my knowledge and experience to serve the humanity by giving a special focus on solving problems of fertility.

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Skin diseases

Suppressed skin diseases are the causes for chronic dis-orders. Skin diseases are cured by careful medicines selection on the basis of location, sensation, concomitant and modality. Thus, not only the skin diseases are relieved, the essential internal organs such as lungs and heart are also protected.

Various chronic diseases such as SLE, psoriasis and Eczema. Leprosy are all cured through homoeopathic medicines without using steroids. There is a myth prevailing in the field of medicine that steroids are used in homoeopathy. Certainly no homoeopath steroids, as homoeopathic pharmacy don’t have steroids at all.

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Heart diseases are often threatening the society even at the age of 30 & 40 plus. Undue stress affecting sleep pattern life style, lack of vitamin c, unhealthy diet habits are the ultimate causes for these dangerous dis-orders, though gentic cause cannot be ruled out. As heart is a intal organ, our homoeopathy our system is challenging by the efficency of heart remedies, protecting the patients from surgery if treated properly.

Valnular diseases, CAD, Aortic, trivial mitral and tricuspid regurgitation, hypertension, sick sinus syndrome, atheroscelerosis could be treated clinically with evidence based homoeo medicines.

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Bones & Joints

Common lay people’s myth is homoeo medicines are the best medicines for joint pains. Ofcourse, truth behind this myth. Often pain controllers are taken to treat the joint pains, whereas well selected homoeopathic medicines in right potency often gives rapid improvement while treating diseases affecting bones and jonts.

RA,OA, Osteoporosis, calcaneal spur, exostoses, ganglious, grit nodes, syanoirtis, ligament tear are treated perfectly and cured completely.

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Endocrine Dis-Orders

Generally, more than 50% of the population are affected by any one of the endocrine dis-orders. It affects the immune system as a whole and compelling the affected people to go for regular medication/harmone replacement therapy as long as they line. Example: Hypo/hyperthyroidism, Diabetes Mellitus/Diabetes insipid us, AIDS.

Homoeopathic medicines act in the human body by sensitizing the immune system and induce the same to turn to give protection to the healthy tissues and cells instead of damaging them.

Hence cure could be achieved in a gentle way.

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Common but troublesome issues often affecting both children and adult through acute and chronic diseases.

Pot bellied abdomen the biggest sad issue from young to adult due to their improper diet pattern; flatulence, etc could be connected easily.

Gastric ulcer, heart burn, APD are well controlled and gradually cured without using antacids through individualized homoeopathic medicines.

Fatly liver, splenitis hepatitis piles, Fistula in ano abscesses are having guaranteed & permanent cure without surgery and recurrence.

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Homoeopathy gives authenticated cure for many respiratory ailments such as Bronchial asthma sinusitis; pulmonary tuberculosis pleurisy can be cured however chronic the sufferings are & whatever may be the age group.

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Stones & cysts in kidneys are eliminated and permanently prevents the recurrence of stone & cyst formation. Cystitis, stress incontinence, ureteric calculi, phimoses, nephritis nephritic syndrome could be covered and treated by the extended scope of homoeopathy competently with other system of medicines.

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Problems affecting ears such as perforated ear drum, Deafness, otitis media are having greater scope in this healing system of homoeopathy. Medicines like silicea, graphites, Naja trip etc., Prevent people from surgery and ensures safe and healthy hearing.

Nasal polyps, complaints due to DNS, Allergic rhinitis, ozena, etc are treated with permanent cure.

The most common problem of throat in children is tonsillitis (acute/chronic). Homoeopathy medicines replace the job of knife and ensures immunity in children without undergoing tonsillectomy. In addition, pharyngitis, laryngitis, swellings/tumors off threat are treated with lesser close of safe homoeo medicines.

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