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We provide Wide range of car accessories and Decor services. We have the right products and services at low price for your desires and expectations.

About Us

Vijayen Car Decors has huge experience in the quality auto accessories, seat covers and car audio & video, sun control films, security locking system & exclusive car accessories. We have car accessories for all types of car models.Our Strength is to maintain Quality cum innovation and give the customers the consistent quality at a price which gives the best value for money and are constantly adapted to meet the need of the customers. We provide the products and services at the low price. Our services include Car Audio System, Seat Covers, Bumpers & Carriers, Floor Mats & Full Lamination Mats, Number plates, Sun control films, Remote Locks, Reverse Sensors, Sub Woofers, Amplifiers, LED Monitors, Bluetooth, Car care products, Spoilers, Projector Lights, LED Lights etc.








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Our Service

Music systems

We have a huge collection of modern branded and quality music systems to boost up your driving experience.


We provide quality front & back bumpers and accessories to enhance your car in a way you like.

Remote Locks

We got wide variety of safe and secure remote locks sales services to ensure the safety of your car.

Seat covers

We sell and fix seat covers with modern, multiple and attractive designs to provide you rich experience.

Sun control film

We provide latest and tested sun control film to save you from the sun's wrath during summer.

Our Brands

We sell all kinds of brands with quality and performance and wide options to choose from.


Want to add charm to your vehicle?

We have your vehicle in mind, we provide professional and excellent design suggestions to Put only the best in your vehicle.

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