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Sri vinayaka Dental Clinic is a friendly, state-of-the-art specialist dental and Maxillofacial practice that has been established since 2005. We take pride in working with the latest techniques so that you can be sure you are receiving the most up-to-date treatments available to create your perfect smile. We aim to be the first choice for dentists and patients seeking dental and Maxillofacial care in the Cuddalore. We are a young, dynamic team of highly professional team of dentists, Maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontists, with extensive training.

Why Us

Sterilization & insertion control

All the instruments are sterilized by auto clave which is a specialized sterilization devices used to sterilize that instrument 100% free of organisms.

CAD-CAM & Zirconia crowns

Computer aided designing or computer aided milling used to make crowns or cap in basic terms, is an epitome of dentistry.

Endomotor favret

The use of rotary instruments in modern dentistry has relaxed the tedious process of root canal procedure of multiple appointments to a single appointment.

RVA Digital Radiography

An advanced form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors is used instead of the photographic film. It has uncountable advantages including time efficiency.

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